Meanings Collection
Inspired by the fascinating and mysterious language of symbols and their perceived magical qualities Penelope initially introduced the MEANINGS Collection as very emotional custom made talismans for exclusive clients. It was not until a few years later that a specific selection of symbols, speaking a universal language, formed a capsule collection addressed to all women of all generations, all races and all religions. Hand painted enameled symbols, crafted individually by renowned iconographers, set in gold and brilliant-cut diamonds become modern talismans with a different symbols meaning intended to attract harmony, safety, love and overall positive energy to the wearer. A new code of common spiritual communication. Four symbols, four MEANINGS, four universal values. The Peacock speaks ENVISION, the Integrity and the Beauty we achieve when we endeavor our true colors, our inner strength. The Scarab speaks BEGIN, the Heavenly Cycle, Rebirth, One's Own Journey. The Butterfly speaks ALLOW, Change, Transformation, Idealization, Open to Life. The Hummingbird speaks BALANCE, achieving Happiness through Honesty, Freedom through Love.

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